Ravi Varma, Chairman, NAR-INDIA

Dear Delegates, Sponsors and Stake-holders,

We are proud to announce that our yearly Convention will be held in the National Capital on August 13 & 14, 2016. It will be a congregation of some of the best realtors, builders, architects, lawyers and other stake-holders from more than 30 cities in the country. It will also attract realtors from dozens of countries from all over the world. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company and your projects to a high profile captive audience. This year – at our 8th Convention – we expect at least 1200 delegates from all over India and abroad.

Eminent speakers from our industry and from other related industries will participate to inform, educate and empower our members with the latest trends and best practices in India and abroad. This is a great opportunity for you to network with realtors from across the country. We look forward to your participation as a sponsor in this annual celebration of organised realty in the country.

Ravi Varma
Chairman, NAR-INDIA